Quinteto D'Amore Musicians

- Evelyn, solo vocalist

- Yasney and Maria Carla, violin
- Daymé, bongo, guitar, tres, band founder & director
- Yonel, tres and cuatro guitar
- Orley, bass guitar and counter bass

 Quinteto D’Amore was founded in 2000  with a specific acoustic format to embrace the  traditional Cuban music while allowing  international styles. 
 Along those years it realized many national  and international performances with different  members. Actually and since 2014 the band  is composed with three females: a vocalist, a  violinist, and a percussionist, and two males who play the Cuban guitar and the bass guitar  or counter bass. 


 D’Amore thrives in combining its five talents, its voices, music and  choreographies to transmit its rhythm, energy and joy to its public.


 Since 2007 Quinteto D'Amore performs daily at the famous Restaurante Bar Floridita in  Havana Vieja. In 2016 the band participated to several Amercian and  Canadian TV  programs  like the CNN  Bill Weir  program or The Amazing Race Canada as well as  for vaious international events like the March 2016 Havana MLB Party with Jimmy Buffet.
Contact us at QuintetoDAmore@mail.com
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